10 People Open Up About Why They Cut Out Sugar

10 People Open Up About Why They Cut Out Sugar

Here, 10 Health Garden customers open up about why they finally broke up with the sweet stuff.

Thinking about cutting sugar from your diet? Don’t panic: Most of us have been there.

Deciding whether or not to axe the controversial carb from your life is a crossroad many of us have come to— and as it turns out, a lot of folks come out stronger (fitter and sharper) for it. But don’t just take our word for it.

Read on below as 10 Health Garden customers open up about why they finally broke up with the sweet stuff.

“I really wanted to break my addiction to sugar. The first two weeks, I went through a horrible withdrawal. I was moody, on edge, would start crying easily, and I had horrible cravings. Around my 30 day mark, I realized that while I still want cake, I’m not longer crying about it.”— Rachel H., 29

“I realized that sugar was giving me an upset stomach. After experimenting without it for a week, I woke up one day and noticed how much better I felt. I’ve never looked back since.”— Amy M., 32

“There were a lot of articles popping up on my feed about the benefits of cutting out sugar. I decided to try it out for a few days and couldn’t help but notice how clear my skin was and how my IBS symptoms had lessened. I decided to keep at it since the benefits were so significant. Ever since then, living sugar-free has been a breeze.”— Nora L., 25

“I wanted to experience the so-called benefits for myself. And it worked. In 3 months, the physical changes are a drop by about 25 lbs and a better overall complexion. But it’s actually the stuff you can’t see that I enjoy more. I have way more energy, never wake up feeling like I didn’t get enough sleep (even with 5 hours or less) and my mind just feels way, way sharper.”— Adam D., 30

“I decided to cut out sugar because I wanted to control my hunger, as most of the hunger I was experiencing before was a sugar craving. Today, I don’t experience sugar withdrawals anymore, which means no lethargy around 3:00 pm!”— Rick C., 37

“Honestly, I wanted to lose weight and I heard that cutting out sugar could help with the process. It’s been a little over 3 months and I’ve noticed a considerable amount of weight loss and being able to maintain it. No more pimples or breakouts, too. The total winner, for me, is that I feel great.”— Laela D., 27

“I’m not totally sugar-free, but I cut way back in order to try and control my acid reflux. I have only one small dessert a day after dinner. Other than that, my only sugar intake is fruits and vegetables. My acid reflux is now basically non-existent. It’s great.”— Richard S., 40

“Gave up sugar for Lent once and never turned back. I wouldn’t eat anything that had sugar listed as one of the first four ingredients. The most noticeable benefit I saw immediately rwas not having indigestion after meals.”— Sabrina H., 34

“I found that sugar gives me phlegm. A little sugar is all it takes even half a soda and I can’t breath through my nose and I will have phlegm in my throat and sinuses. I decided to cut it out in order to breathe easier, and so far it’s worked.”—David A., 29

“I had heard that cutting out sugar affects the way you taste fruits and vegetables. Turns out, it’s totally true. I now enjoy my fruits and greens way more because my body has become more sensitive to sweetness. They appear much sweeter and more enjoyable than they ever did before.”— Danielle A., 37
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