Health Garden is all about living your best healthy life! One of the keys to a happy, healthy life would be taking time out to travel and enjoy the beautiful places the world has to offer. Here are a few gems we recommend:

1.Olympic Park, Washington
These nature paradise has been called the quietest spot in the lower 48. Enjoy it’s never ending beauty with various hikes and scenery.

2. Sedona, Arizona
It’s spas are ranked some of the best in the country and its breathtaking red rock scenery is naturally soul soothing.

3. Cayo Costa, Florida
This relatively unknown island is only accessible by ferry, making it a nice escape from Florida’s busier beaches.

4. Boulder, Colorado
Ranked one of the nations, least-stressed cities, Boulder has something for everyone. Enjoy low-key dining and shopping downtown or head out to one the cities many parks for some camping or picnics.

5. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
With Big Sur as its backyard, this coastal city will have you falling asleep to the sound of the ocean.

6. Provence, France
With views of rolling hills and lavender fields, take in the rich culture of France without the hecticness of Paris.

7. Tuscany, Italy
Known for charming small villages, Tuscany is perfect for hiding out in a villa in the countryside.

8. Ang Thong National Park, Thailand
This group of 42 small, lush islands boasts a winning combination of sand and rainforests. Dive among the coral reefs, find your own private island or enjoy a hike in the rainforest.

9. Landmannalaugar, Iceland
The landscape here is just out of this world, from the orange and brown streaked mountains to the teal blue water. But if your looking for relaxation, the natural hot springs are just what you need.

10. The Seychelles
Located in the Indian Ocean off of East Africa, these islands are everything you could dream of. There are white sand beaches, azure colored water and a rich tropical interior.
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