Easy and Fun Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Easy and Fun Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to afford all of that fancy equipment we see and use at the gym? As nice as it sounds, it just isn’t an option for most people who workout. Since exercising is so important, you need to find exercises that are effective and don’t require any equipment at all. To make exercising more enjoyable, you can blast your music or even watch TV while you’re working out. Now that we eliminated all possible excuses not to work out, here are 10 great exercises that you can do at home without needing any gym equipment.

1. Walking

If the weather permits it and it’s nice out, it’s wonderful to get outside and enjoy the scenery around you while you’re exercising. If Mother Nature is getting in your way of walking you can still have an effective workout while walking at home. If you have stairs in your house or apartment, go up and down them a few times. This will help you tone up your legs, while getting some low impact aerobic exercise as well. Now if you don’t have any stairs, just walk around the house for 15-30 minutes. It may not be the most exciting exercise, but it will get the job done.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are always fun since they bring back great memories of being a kid again. Well surprise!!! They are also great cardio exercises and good for warming up as well.

3. Pushups

Pushups are probably not the most favorite exercise for most people, but while they can be hard to do, you can find easier way to get them done. The key here is to do what works for you. Do them on your knees, instead of keeping your legs straight if that’s easier for you and work your way to up to straight legs. You can even do them while standing up against a wall. You will be building up arm strength and working out muscles in your chest area.

4. Leg Lifts

These are great for building up strength and muscles in your legs. If you find it hard to do exercises with your legs straight, try slightly bending them.

5. Crunches

Crunches are the best exercise for building up and strengthening your core and abdominal muscles. When you’re just getting started, don’t worry or focus on getting your head all the way up. So long as you’re going up until you feel the stretching of your muscles, you will see some progress.

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