Exercising as a family not only improves fitness but helps cultivate a culture of wellness and develop exercise habits at a young age.

Protect the Egg
Besides the classics like kickball, wiffle ball and frisbee there are plenty of fun and inventive games to play. One of our favorites is Protect The Eggs. One person is the protector and the others are the robbers. The protector has a pile of rocks or balls that they are in charge of protecting. The robbers then try and take the rocks. The protector tries to tag the robbers, once a robber is tagged they then become the protector.

Dance Party
A dance party is a great way to get heart rates up. So put on some tunes and rock out.

Flashlight Hide and Seek
This great to play after the sun goes down and is perfect for neighborhood parties or birthdays. The person who is “it” gets a flashlight while everyone else runs and hides. When “it” finds someone they flash the light on them and then that person is now “it”.

Exercise Hunt
Write down 10-20 different exercises on small pieces of paper and then put them inside Easter eggs. If you don’t have Easter eggs you can just place them in plastic cups. Hide each exercise around your house or yard. Then have the kids find them, when an exercise is found, everyone has to do it.

Keep it Up
Using balloons or a beach ball, try to keep the ball from touching the ground. This game is fine will encouraging kids to run, jump and stretch

Obstacle Course
Using items in your house like furniture, pillows, sturdy tables and big boxes, create an obstacle course. To make it more challenging, especially for older kids, give them a set time to complete it and see who can complete it the fastest!
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