I Quit: 11 People Open Up About the Benefits of Quitting Sugar

I Quit: 11 People Open Up About the Benefits of Quitting Sugar

Is it time to break up with the sweet stuff?

Want to lose those love handles? More energy? Younger-looking skin? Here’s all the motivation you need to break up with sugar, according to 11 of our sugar-free customers.

“Once I removed 95% of the sugar from my diet, I lost 14lbs in a month. I did lose some of my love handles and other stomach fat which was nice. Not to mention, I also noticed I was far less moody. Makes my life — and everyone’s around me — way easier.” — Christina G., 32

“It’s simple, really: Less fat, better skin, don’t feel as crappy all day.” — Rachel A., 30

“It’s not that I have more energy; it’s that I have more consistent energy. No sharp peaks and valleys based around meals and activities, but a straight line.” — Jennifer E. 35

“Overall, I really think it’s more enjoyable to eat relatively low-carb. Think: fish, eggs, meat, and vegetables. They’re so much more flavorful than starches and can be transformed with surprisingly small amounts of sugar, fruit, acid, etc.” — Peter S., 27

“No more headaches in the morning. Digestive system seems happier (stomach bloating has disappeared!) Skin has cleared up a lot. Feeling not as foggy or moody. Instead, I’m much more grounded.” — Kristin C., 34

“I have way more energy. In fact, I never wake up feeling like I didn’t get enough sleep— even with 5 hours or less. I also just feel a whole lot sharper. I can think much easier than ever before.” — Ben A., 28

“It’s easier to control hunger. Most of the hunger I was experiencing before was a sugar craving.” — Maritza F., 38

You don’t experience sugar withdrawals anymore, which means no lethargy around 3:00 pm when you’re looking for another fix. Win-win!” — Barbara L., 40

“The most remarkable benefit I’ve noticed that I save a ton of money. The most marked up things are sodas. Now I just drink water at restaurants which is free.” — Lance D., 31

“I’ve noticed a considerable amount of weight loss. But not just that, I’ve also been able to maintain it. I’ve also noticed a lot of changes in my skin: no more pimples, or breakouts. Skin feels healthier in general. The total winner, for me, is that I feel great. I don’t feel the sugar rush, or the crash.” — Emma R., 26

“The most significant changed I noticed was unusual, but awesome: I used to have really cold hands and feet all the time. The nails would turn blue even. A few weeks without sugar and I started to notice my hands and feet were always pink and warm. It felt nice for a change.” — Michael M., 24

“I’ve noticed so many changes since I’ve quit sugar. My sinuses no longer hurt, I lost a ton of weight, I no longer get hypoglycemic mood swings, my IBS symptoms have disappeared, and my PMS symptoms have decreased, I also have fewer cavities!” — Zoe A., 36
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