Is Sugar Just Too Sweet?

Is Sugar Just Too Sweet?

As it turns out, sugar is a top offender when it comes to exacerbating the aging process and downright ruining your epidermis.

Sweet as sugar

The sweet taste of sugar is loved by almost all people and it can be found everywhere. There’s one aisle for health foods, but compared to all other aisles in grocery stores? It’s laughable! But what exactly does this ingredient do-and how will too much affect my body??

The technical term for sugar – Sucrose – means “sweetness.” Most sugar is not derived from cane, the famous sugar source we learned about in school, it comes from beets! (Makes you wonder why Dwight Schrute worked for a paper company when there was such a large demand for his beets! The Office, anyone?)

Sugar enters the body

When the flavor of that delicious candy is gone, the sugar’s journey begins. Complex sugars are broken down into a simple sugar we know as glucose. Glucose provides your body with energy.

Because it is so easy for the body to digest sugars, your brain does not register when it has had enough. I don’t know about you, but when I start munching on some sweet candies, the bag empties very quickly! If you’d know the correct amount of sugar you need you might be okay. But excess sugar = extra energy. In other words … hyperactivity! Then, CRASH.

Besides its short-term effect, excess sugar is stored in cells for later use. This is what causes weight gain and obesity and the many diseases caused by them.

There are many more health problems that result from too much sugar. Join us as we discover more about sugar as well as other healthy alternatives.

Thankfully, it is now possible to get clean energy without forgoing delicious treats!

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