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Sugarless Packets

Sugarless Packets

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About Our Ingredients

Health Garden’s Sugarless Sweetener, a unique blend of all-natural erythritol and a high quality, plant-based stevia. Erythritol is a type of carbohydrate called sugar alcohol made of all-natural, non-GMO corn. Stevia packs a powerful punch to enhance its sweetness. It is packed with antioxidants, nutrients and pure, natural sweetness. Sugarless rises above other stevia blends with its head held high.

Our Process

Health Garden’s Stevia is produced by drying stevia leaves and steeping them in hot water to extract the essence. It is blended with Erythritol which is produced by fermenting the natural sugar found in corn. Health Garden’s erythritol is derived from non-GMO corn and our stevia is sourced from Spain rather than China.

Health Benefits

Extensive short-term and long-term studies have concluded that erythritol and stevia are safe to use in daily consumption. Sugarless can help manage diabetes, hypertension and obesity when used as part of a healthy lifestyle! Sugarless won’t cause cavities and is safe for children and adults.

How to Use

Sugarless is recommended for use in cooking and beverages, because in addition to its ability to dissolve quickly and easily, it measures cup for cup like sugar! Add Sugarless to your favorite recipes for smoothies, ice cream, cheese cake, sorbet, pudding and pie! Use Sugarless with your favorite drinks such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, lemonade, cocktails and sparkling water. Sugarless can also be added to yogurts, sauces, marinades, jams and salad dressings. Try it in a variety of foods until you discover what works for you. The sky is the limit!

Nutrition facts and ingredients

Ingredients: Erythritol, stevia leaf extract(Rebaudioside A)


Q: How many carbs are in our Sugarless pack per serving?
A: 4g., but its fiber content deducts them to 0 net carbs.

Q:How many calories are there in Sugarless per serving?
A: 0 calories

Q What is the difference between stevia and our Sugarless pack?
A: Put simply, its sweetness level. Stevia is four times sweeter than sugar, while our Sugarless pack has the same sweetness level as sugar.

Q: Does this product contain maltodexterine?
A: Health Garden products don't use any artificial filler.

Q: Is Sugarless safe for pets?
A: Yes, our Sugarless pack is safe for pets.

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