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Xylitol Vanilla Sweetener 12oz

Xylitol Vanilla Sweetener 12oz

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About Our Ingredients

The main ingredient in Health Garden’s vanilla sweetener is xylitol derived from hardwood trees.

Health Garden’s xylitol is all-natural and gluten-free. It is non-GMO and contains no corn ingredients or corn by-products!

Xylitol produced in the USA is subject to strict FDA standards, resulting in a high-quality product that we are proud to call our own.

Our Process

Xylitol is produced by extracting the all-natural sugar alcohol contained in hardwood trees. Because we use no corn ingredients, Health Garden’s xylitol is certified gluten-free and safe for people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or sensitivity.

Health Benefits

Extensive studies have concluded that xylitol is safe for daily consumption.

Xylitol has a low GI, which makes it an attractive alternative to sugar for people wishing to lose weight. The ingredient can also help manage diabetes, hypertension, and obesity when used as part of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, consumption of xylitol has been shown to reduce tooth decay and the incidence of gum disease. Xylitol even stops the production of tooth decay-causing acid and neutralizes the pH level in saliva and plaque.

How to Use

Health Garden’s vanilla sweetener is a completely sugar-free, natural sweetener and can be safely used by diabetics in cooking, baking, beverages, and virtually all recipes that call for vanilla sweetener.

Nutrition facts and ingredients

Ingredients: Xylitol, Natural Flavoring


Q: How many carbs are in our xylitol vanilla sweetener per serving?
4g., but its fiber content deducts them to 0 net carbs.

Q:How many calories are there in xylitol vanilla sweetener per serving ?
A: 9.6 calories.

Q: Is the vanilla natural?
A: Yes, our vanilla is natural.

Q: Is xylitol vanilla sweetener safe for pets?
A: No, xylitol is not safe for pets.

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